Putting a Bounty on Bandit Signs

Bandit SignAre you as tired of these illegal ‘bandit’ signs as we are?

They’re basically pieces of trash nailed to telephone poles and they make our neighborhood look junky. So today, the JAC is announcing the first ever:

  Illegal Sign Scavenger Hunt: At our next meeting (Tuesday, April 2nd at 7pm at the Juniata Golf Course) we’re giving away a $40 Walmart gift card to the person who brings in the most illegal signs. Second place is a $20 Walmart gift card. Remember: Use proper safety equipment to take down the signs and only remove the ones you can reach easily. Scouts honor that we get all the signs from Juniata Park first (we can take down other neighborhood’s once Juniata is clear.)

We thought this would be a fun, lighthearted way of taking care of an unsightly, annoying problem. Enjoy! See everyone at our next meeting!

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