Development & Projects

Areas of Development

The following areas of development reflect a scope from which any and all projects can be envisioned and managed:

  •       Developing Green Space
  •       Improving Health and Safety
  •       Fostering Community that embraces Diversity
  •       Stimulating Economic Development
  •       Promoting Arts and Recreation


Through mutual encouragement, relevant education, better communication, and worthwhile projects focused on life-sustaining use of resources, personal well-being, cooperative relationships, community-based economics, and opportunities to engage in arts and recreation, our community will thrive as a vibrant, caring, affordable, safe, healthy, activity-rich environment that is beneficial to its members and serve as a model for others to follow.


 Developing Green Space

 Definition:  Green Space is an environment that is rich with life-sustaining properties and practices. Empower the community to generate/establish, preserve/maintain, and renew/beautify green space. Promote/encourage eco-friendly practices.

 Rationale:  Well managed green space is a visible expression of a vibrant and caring community that has a vision of a more healthful environment.

 Quality of Life Issues:

Life sustaining resources (clean air, pure water, fertile land) should be available and of the best quality possible.

The beauty of nature inspires and heals the human spirit.

The influence of properties well managed (Business, Residential, and Recreational) fosters growth both economic and health.

Development of parks encourages healthful recreation.


Suggested Projects Associated with this area of  development:

Eliminate Litter.

Provide opportunities to learn (water purification, nature walks, landscape design, plant care…) .

Assist/encourage each resident, organization, and business to develop their property to reflect carefully planned landscapes.

Reclaim some abandoned properties to establish gardens, parks, or natural habitats.

Improve Health and Safety

Definition:  Health and Safety indicate that both the environment and the society are not only free from threat of violence and harm, but promote healing and nurture life. Communicate/educate the public on issues of health and safety. Establish/support institutions and businesses that provide services related to health and safety. Connect those in need with services available. Encourage personal management of health and safety.

Rationale: Life is fragile and precious. Caring for people by keeping them safe and well enables them grow as individuals and participate in building community.

“Safety First” practices in the community will minimize hazards that require emergency services. Health protective practices in the home, business, and community will reduce the number and economic costs of emergency/health care.

 Quality of Life Issues:

Keeping structures in good repair  prevents safety hazards.

Timely response to needed care increases success of recovery.

Adherence to safe guidelines, laws, and practices protects not only the individual, but also the community.

People engaged in activities that promote health have less time to engage in activities that harm health.

Suggested Projects Associated with this area of  development:

Identify, encourage, implement, and/or finance structural repairs.

Establish or support youth and family events or programs that engage people in healthful activity.

Promote awareness of immediate neighbors’ needs.

Support the Town Watch effort.

Foster a Community that embraces Diversity

Definition: A community effort to welcome and celebrate all of its inhabitants equally and one that gathers in groups organized for purposes that transcend race, age, religion and/or economics.

Rationale: Everyone has some gifts, talents, ideas, hopes, and dreams that contribute to the benefit of all.  If all are given the opportunity to participate in the building of our community we shall be a stronger community. Embracing the diversity of our community broadens our understanding and enriches us with the ability to relate to all people.

Quality of Life Issues:

Community is built by expanding and building relationships (neighbors – no longer strangers).

Peace is the fruit of working toward understanding each other.

Suggested Projects Associated with this area of  development:

Improve communication through language learning and translation.

Organize and participate in diverse cultural celebrations.

Stimulate Economic Development

Definition:  Residents, businesses, and institutions that forge and foster mutually beneficial relationships [i.e., sell products and services the community needs; create jobs].

Rationale: A community grows through opportunities to serve the needs of its residents.

Quality of Life Issues:

Provide opportunities for employment.

Benefit by services close to home.

Develop abandoned properties.

Suggested Projects Associated with this area of  development:

Establish Business Association.

Create Business/Organization Directory.

Evaluate neighborhood needs.

Promote Arts and Recreation

Definition: Establish/support locations and organizations that enable individuals, teams, or families to participate in the creative arts and recreational activities. Provide opportunities to learn, practice, and showcase the talents and abilities of community members.

Rationale: The community is enriched, renewed, and entertained by the collective talents and efforts of its members.  Persons actively engaged in the creative arts (music, theater, painting…) and various forms of recreational activities (sports, games …) make constructive use of their leisure time.

 Quality of Life Issues:

Providing opportunities for constructive use of leisure time engages people in a lifestyle beneficial to both the individual and the community.

Allowing individuals to express themselves creatively through the arts gives voice to their identity which can be seen and heard by others leading to

recognition and understanding (builds self-esteem).

Suggested Projects Associated with this area of  development:

Establish regularly occurring community events showcasing local talent such as: art shows, music concerts, theater productions, sports events…

Spotlight local talent (artist, musician, chess champion, ball player …) in the Juniata Newspaper

Provide a directory of local clubs, teams, classes, …

Publish a calendar of events: community, school, church, …

“Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just,

whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable,

if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise,

think about these things.”

Current Projects

  • Juniata Park Parade
  • Women’s Mobile Museum Project
  • Litter Abatement: Scheduled Clean Ups through the Philadelphia Community Partnership Program, Encourage other individuals and organizations to do the same

Completed Projects

  • Supported the I-Street Island Landscape Project
  • Cayuga Triangle Landscape Project
  • Promoted Juniata Businesses: Annual Juniata Business Fest

Governess of projects:

  • Priorities shall be set according to greatest need, robust interest, available funding, and ability to direct.
  • The Juniata Action Committee shall strive to encourage and empower existing organizations that address issues outlined in this action plan thus conserving resources and avoiding duplication of effort.
  • Each project shall be assigned to a task force consisting of
    • a passionate capable leader possessing qualities in agreement with our Mission Statement,
    • a secretary responsible for communicating proposed decisions and actions for approval by the Juniata Action Committee Board of Directors,
    •  interested Juniata Action Committee members, and
    • language interpreters and translators as needed.
  • A phased approach to implementing each project shall include
    • definition of purpose,
    • a period of fact finding,
    • necessary communication of intention,
    • gathering of resources, and
    • a timeline of specific steps to encourage project completion or in some cases insure ongoing management of efforts

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